Retaliatory Evictions


I am looking forward to the day when landlords get some good press but I guess, good news is not news. Today the BBC and other broadcasters have highlighted that the laws to prevent landlords evicting tenants as revenge for them requesting work and/or repairs is not being enforced properly. Some rogues landlords continue to rent out properties that look like doss houses in spite of the law being against them and then practice retaliatory evictions when tenants complain.

Some landlords giving us a bad name

I have to say, I get quite annoyed about this as I and the majority of landlords do our best to keep properties well maintained and tenants happy. Only yesterday I arranged for a decorator to redecorate a house for a tenant as the decor was looking a bit dated – and believe it or not it was me who asked the tenant if she would like the work doing!!


Here is a reminder on legislation to prevent retaliatory evictions, under the Deregulation Act 2015 if all of the criteria below is met, the landlord cannot serve notice or evict a tenant:

  1. Landlords are not allowed to serve notice to a tenant if the tenant has complained about the state of repair and if the landlord has not responded adequately within 14 days of the complaint
  2. The tenant then complains about the issue to the Local Authority
  3. The landlord’s response was to serve a Section 21 Notice

Happy tenants generally mean happy landlords in my opinion, a bit like ‘happy wife, happy life!’

Much more information in my book that can be purchased here. Yes, I do have to plug the book because so much has changed over the past 2 years in terms of legislation and tax!

I can only surmise that some landlords will inevitably spend even less on their properties as the new tax rules begin to bite, more out of necessity than ill will. There is no place for retaliatory evictions if landlords provide adequate homes.


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