House Prices Rebound

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House prices rebound

House prices rebound

For all the doom and gloom around investing in property there are still many positives. House prices are still rising at present and property is generally a safe place to invest money. The news article above indicates there has been a house price rebound in the previous month.

Still some mileage in property

This recent article reports that house prices rebound and there does seem to be some mileage left in the market for investors who do their homework.

There has been much talk about property prices slowing and they have slowed in London and will likely slow down in the South over the coming months but the market in the north of England remains affordable, with property prices rising and good yields on offer.

As property prices rebound, it confirms what many investors already know and that is we have a way to go yet before we need to put our money elsewhere.

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House prices rebound Buy to let


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