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January 2019

This website has been designed as an additional extra to my book publishing activities. The aim is to help present and future property investors to stay in touch with the property market and what is happening out there in the real world.

Property investment remains sound with prices continuing to grow over the long term. There are some caveats to bear in mind at all times and these are:

  1. Property goes through growth and fall cycles just like any other investment
  2. Landlords need to beware of over-leveraging
  3. Make sensible investments that are part of an overall investment plan
  4. Ignore the ‘noise’ that is ever present in the marketplace and do your research

These are just a few basic principles that investors need to be aware of. Having said that, property investment is a sound investment for many in spite of recent legislative and tax changes imposed by the current Government.

If you stay ahead of the game, contain your excitement and remain objective rather than speculative you have a good chance of success. There will always be bad news stories because that’s how the world runs but for the most part, the property cycle remains true to form as it has done for the past 200 years. Remember there have been some major headlines during that time.

Brexit is the next big story for the United Kingdom but contrary to what the doom and gloom merchants predicted, the property market is at an all-time high and growth continues at a steady pace for most of the UK. People sometimes forget that not everyone lives in London and the Southeast where prices have flattened and may fall!

Expect a period of volatility over the next few months as the deadline to leave the EU looms!

At the start of 2019 there is much to be cautiously optimistic about as long as you do your sums and don’t get carried away when prices peak which I don’t believe has happened yet despite the headlines. Time will tell what effect Brexit has on the market but we are due a small dip in the next year as prices have been rising for 6 years and there is usually a small dip anywhere up to 7 years after this starts. After that though, if the cycle remains true to form, property prices will go a lot higher for many years to come.

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Happy investing for 2019!

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Property investment

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